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Dr. Carl Rothschild is the founder, researcher, and owner of Trifecta Light™ Technologies, Inc., the industry leader in the LED Infrared/Red Light therapeutic heating light lamp modality. Beginning in 1979, Carl Rothschild, DC applied his deep desire to help his patients find their path to health in his successful chiropractic practice. A true lover of learning, ‘Dr. Carl’ continually researched many healing therapies and initially landed on LED. He developed numerous LED products for various companies. Further research led him to find ways to harness the power that lies in LED Infrared/Red Light.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Carl’s prolific, expert research and the development of his leading-edge LED Infrared/Red bed and pad system products has secured his formidable legacy in the category. He is widely considered one of the world’s top thought leaders in LED Infrared/Red Light science and products.

Today, Dr. Carl’s Trifecta Light™ Beds and Pad Systems are highly advanced medical devices unmatched in the red-light therapy product category.

Dr. Carl Rothschild is the author of Illuminated Healing, one of the most comprehensive, informative, and definitive books on the amazing power of LED infrared/red light therapy available.

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Dr. Carl Rothschild’s comprehensive book, Illuminated Healing, is one of the most comprehensive and informative books on the amazing power of light therapy available.

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